Jessica & Ben’s Pre-Wedding Shoot – Isle of Sheppey

Jessica & Ben introduced me to a lovely little corner of the Isle of Sheppey that I was not familiar with.  They wanted to have their pre-wedding shoot somewhere close to home where they spent a lot of time …here its.
I t was a real pleasure working with you guys and well done on braving the cold sea breeze.

Mel & Grant’s Pre-Wedding , Featuring Millie – Greenwich

The Sun certainly stuck around for Mel & Grant. I had the huge pleasure of their company whilst we strolled around Greenwich Park in the warm evening sun taking some practice shots for their wedding later this year.  Their little girl also played a part turning this pre-wedding shoot into a family lifestyle on at time… some cracking shots guys …hope you enjoy them and please do share …looking forward to your wedding at the lovely Old Kent Barn …see you there ..  🙂

Aimee & Jonny’s Pre-Wedding Shoot, South Bank London

If there is anything I love more than shooting a pre-wedding on the South Bank in London it is doing so with a cool couple like Aimee & Jonny.  If some of you have been privileged enough  to have been to see the Jersey Boys London stage show in the last few years you may recognise Jonny as one of the brilliant leading roles.  I has been a real pleasure to have wondered about the Embankment this evening with these guys. Just look at how good that look in this shoot.

Well done Aimee & Jonny … I hope you love your shoot ….share the love … 🙂

Kelly & Sally Pre-Wedding Shoot – Lullingstone

Some how twice in one day I managed to shoot my first two same sex pre-wedding shoots… I have to say the girls have all been a blast to work with.  Kelly & Sally are the loveliest ladies and really made my life easy working with them.  see you at the wedding ladies… 🙂

Holly & Amy’s Pre-Wedding Shoot – Swanley

I have been excited for a while to cover my first same sex couple’s wedding and I could not have been happier to have met these two lovely ladies who made my experience a real fun one. Holly & Amy are just a barrel of laughs and constantly having fun…you can see from this shoot what I mean… I can’t wait to capture your wedding day ladies.

Enjoy your pre-wedding shoot photos …. 😉